An outstanding team . . .

I like this team. Of course, I would say that with any team I was leading, and I have enjoyed them all, but this year’s team is filled with “go with the flow” kind of people, and that makes them very easy to be around. There is a combination of experience, humor and unflappability…. Also, they do all the work and I watch in amazement- did I mention that?

Because the kids are finishing up exams this week, we spent time with them in the afternoons and evenings. They have lots of enthusiasm, and it makes for a great finish to every day. Now think of having 130 plus kids in your home, all with lots of enthusiasm… Got the picture? This is an incredible place, and I am here with some incredible people:
My sister Peggy refuses to give up no matter what, Adam is especially good at building relationships and engaging both children and staff, Dana has become very outgoing, not that she was in a shell before, but she is really engaging and supportive with Kiran and Lakshmi, and is filled with ministry ideas. Alan is a great song leader and will try anything and mix it with humor. Dustin and Berenice are new but you would never know that- they have a heart for these kids and for what is happening here. Dave jumps right in with kids and knows no fear.

Knows no fear.. That’s it. This is a team that is not afraid of jumping in with both feet, and though we all experience fear, it cannot stand where faith is strong. Jesus conquered death and with it, fear.

The kids at the CTL-Berachah Children’s home Are learning to live in the spirit of truth and not the fear of the streets. Their transformation here is miraculous, and we are witnessing something amazing here… These kids are NOT growing up to be victims. They study hard, work hard, and already kids from Berachah are graduating from high school, going on to colleges and making lives for themselves far beyond their beginnings. Love in action is an amazing thing.



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