First Day With the Team: “It cleans out my sinuses!”

One of the fun things that happens when you lead a team is you get to see everyone’s first reactions to things, and of time you also get to see everyone in the team grow in their faith. The first adjustment to culture here is traffic. The second is food. At our first breakfast together today we experienced some very non-western food. As this team is filled with delightfully positive people who do their best to find good things about a new culture to comment on, Berenice volunteered that the “soup was very spicy, but it cleared up my sinuses and it sure tastes good!”

The team bonding with Dileep continued with more teasing and the chance to get to know his mother, who rode the bus with him for ten hours to come greet us at the airport. Dileep’s mom gave us a nice compliment– “I like that you people are always laughing.”

It’ good to be known as a team that smiles. It will help us a lot in the task ahead.