Sometimes just getting there is a story . . .

This is from Peggy, my sister and a great team member:


This has been a journey like none other in my life. The difficulties that have been going on for the past year have taught me not to be prideful bout the things that God blessed me with, regardless of my pride. God taught to think more about His plans for me, than my plans. I also realized that what God calls us to does not always make sense. Why would God call a short, uneducated, chubby woman with no amazing talents and skills to go to India to serve him? And if that woman had a bad back and couldn’t do much more than feebly and painfully walk short distances, couldn’t lift anything more than a few lbs, surely, God would not call this kind of woman to India to do HIS work! Having been to India before I was thrilled to go again… but what about my back? An MRI showed some herniated disks, a transferees vertabra, and at L4/5, a “severe” spinal stenosis. So, how does a believer make these kinds of decisions? Is it silly for a short, chubby, uneducated, middle-aged woman with a bad back to think she can go with Children to Love to work in India??? I was wondering. These are the steps that I took in making my decisions:

1. Did I feel a passion to go to India and do this work? The answer was “absolultely”! I wanted to go to India with all of my heart.

2. Did I sense that this was my calling from God, or was my desire to go to India just from me.

2.. I determined I would not go if any of my doctors told me it was unwise to think of going. All my doctors encouraged me and tried their best to improve me enough to go. Not one said “don’t go”.

3. When it was time to apply for an India visa, I was told thhe 10 year visas were very difficult to get. That I would much likely get a 5 or 3 year visa. I decided to go for the 10 and see what happened – in less than 2 weeks, my 10 YEAR visa was returned to me!

My back became worse. I prayed with friends and had friends pray with me that my back would improve just enough that I could stand the pain enough to go!

I was doing epidural foods about every 3-4 weeks. I was going to a physical therapist twice per week, I was doing exercises every day. I was taking muscle relaxants and pain pills and Aspirin, Ibuprofen, and typenol. I was eating healthy, drinking juices suggested, and although things helped for a short while, and these things all helped at times, but long term, I was getting worse!

What was God trying to do? What was He saying to me? What decision should I make? I wafted back and forth, and felt more miserable about it all spiritually than I did with just the pain.

One day I woke up and could barely get out of bed. When I tried to walk, my right leg was in so much pain, and was so weak and numb, that I could not walk unless hanging onto something. I called my pain doctor and went in to get a caudal epidural flood. That brought very little relief to the pain, but I could very slowly.

I talked to my brother the King Leader, and he talked with others and not one was concerned that I might slow them down. They were willing to adjust and help me, so that I could remain on the team.

Still in pain, I went to my Bible and began to read a devotional about Joshua 3, when the priests were supposed to step into the water with the ark, The author of this devotional shared that sometimes we think we should have our miracle so that we can be obedient. But sometimes God wants for us to obey first, then watch how He works out our struggles and gives us the miracle we need.

That is what God did for me. I prayed, “Lord, I am going to India. It doesn’t matter how much pain I have, I am going to India. I will crawl there, if I have to! Unless you slam the door in my face, I AM GOING TO INDIA!”

The next morning, I rolled out of bed, and I had no pain!!! I was not completely cured, and the surgeon is still on my to do list when I return, but by making a few concessions and being “smart” about my pain, I found that I could get around a little better each day.

Early on January 2, The team picked me up at 4 am. My 90 year old mother inspired me as she got up to make waffles, yogurt and coffee for a great breakfast before showing up at the airpost in LAX. Now came the longest airline trip I had ever taken in my life… What would happen?

Wheel chairs were always there when I needed them! I had taken a pain pill and was hooked up to my TENS machine. I think it was about 15 hours of straight flying. The whole team was exhausted! But when we arrived in Dubai, my back felt a mild soreness, no pain!

A wheel chair took me to the next flight, and this one was still long, from Dubai to Hyderabad, but again, a man with a wheelchair pushed me everywhere I needed to go, helped me through customs so I didn’t have to stand in long lines, and I can’t tell you the joy I felt when I saw my brother and Dileep waiting in the large room of the airport! Dileep gave me a big hug and introduced me to his mother who is a beautiful woman in her lovely sari, and though she speaks no English, She became an instant friend and is trying to teach me already, to count to 5 in telegu. Dileep quickly ordered a Latte for me, and I felt myself coming alive! I felt sore and achey, buy no pain! God is marvelously good!

Now, I have had a shower, and am ready to fall into bed. It’s almost 2 am! Dana is my sweet room mate, and I love her so much already! She’s so young and enthusiastic, full of great ideas and filled with God’s love and the holy spirit. What a blessing!

I am helping widows and orphans. In James, in the Bible, we are told that this is the heart of a true faith. I have absolutely no human right to be here. But my wonderful God and Savior has chosen me for this task, and I feel a wild sense of Joy about being here!!!

Tomorrow we catch a train to Machilipatnam. It will be an evening and night trip.

Thank you to all of you who have prayed, encouraged, challenged, and loved me through, this “safari” of life! The adventure continues! Thank you, Connie J, for teaching me to boldly ask for healing. Thank you Deb for teaching me to do some sewing. Thanks to my neighbor Pam for all the things you do for me (too many to relate!)

Thank you, Glen for being my best supporter both with finances, encouragement and love. I appreciate you SO much!

Big thanks to my children and grandchildren who have taught me how wonderful children can be and how much they all need hope in their lives. Because you have all loved me, I am free to love others!

Please pray:

1. Our team will reflect the Love and Unity we have in Him every day of our lines

2. Pray that we will remain spiritually ready to go, do and be all that God requires

3. Pray that we all stay healthy enough to accomplish all that God wants us to do

4. Pray that when difficulties arrive, we will refuse doubt, and accept the time of stretching and strengthening for God’s work, and our relationship with Him.

5. Pray that there will be no demonic activity interfering with our times of loving, teaching and giving to those we have come to serve.

Praise and Thank God for all He has accomplished, and the beauty He brings to all our lifes

Blessings for your chubby, little short Term Missionary,

Peggy — Pictures below!

Me, with Dileep’s mom. We don’t speak each other’s languages, but became good friends.